Pal says boob job and Botox would improve my life

I’m 22 and do some television promotions, like no big deal, but they film me getting on and off exercise bikes and using mops on floors for sales’ channels and stuff like that.

It’s not real modelling because I’m only 5ft 4ins tall and a size 10. My mate, who does the same things, says I’d get more jobs if I had Botox and a boob job.

My sweetheart partner says I do OK as it is, and that he loves me as I am and he doesn’t want me to change. He’s brilliant, and I really love him. But do men see their partners as different from the way the camera sees you? That’s what my mate says.

She’s 25 and has loads of stuff done and gets twice the work I get. She has a great life cruising round bars and seeing footballers.

Barbara says: So she doesn’t have a partner? What does that say about her, and what does it say about you? It says she doesn’t have a real life, but you do.

Stick with your partner, and his advice. Would you truly and honestly want to live the empty, phoney, life she leads?