Parents no help when it comes to sex

My mum left my dad to go into a same-sex relationship when I was 10. Not too much of a hassle. Yup, I got bullied and got at, because I had two mums. Thing is, I can take care of myself.

Second thing is that my dad and I have a good relationship, and my mum’s never stood in the way of that. She’s a good mum, and dad agrees. But, mum won’t talk to me about m/f sex, and dad’s a bit of a hard-liner about how women should be dominated and controlled. That’s why they split up, I guess.

Anyway, I don’t want to mess up, as I’m 18, and have my first real girlfriend, and neither of them is helping me with some intimate questions I need to ask. Where do I turn?

Barbara says: First, to your GP, who’ll be able to refer you to psycho-sexual counselling, where you can ask anything you like. Parents, eh? Sex issues are sometimes difficult for them. So you need an expert. Do this as soon as you can.