Parking should not be just for the wealthy

The news that “roamer” parking will not apply to those residents with cars who happen to live on estates, rather than in private properties, is deeply concerning.

Does this mean that after a few short months Islington’s Labour council has turned its back on the fairness agenda? Or is it that the scheme, as we suspect, was in fact hatched out on the back of an envelope and only now are all the problems becoming evident.

Either way with tough decisions ahead it doesn’t bode well that the council is getting this all so very wrong.

The claim that this scheme will help the vulnerable is sounding very hollow. It is, in fact, the more wealthy car owners who will benefit. As leader of the council, Catherine West said herself it will allow them out for a cappuccino on Upper Street – how lovely.

It is clear that Labour’s claims to be on the side of fairness have been dealt a blow here. Any future claims to this effect, especially when it comes to cuts, will have to be very closely scrutinised. – Caroline Allen, Islington Green Party, Peacock Place, N1.

ISLINGTON Council leader Catherine West argues that the parking changes are designed to be as carbon neutral as possible, while still allowing greater mobility for local people in need.

However, the council had set a much more ambitious carbon target, 40 per cent reduction by 2020, borough wide. But all the parking changes will lead to an increase in car journeys and hence carbon emissions.

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Islington residents who own a �40,000 car are unlikely to blink, but those who own a rarely used, old or classic vehicle are upset.

To fit in with the carbon targets, only the low emission vehicles should be allowed to roam. If that means that we all have to trade down to smaller vehicles, so be it. – Mrs D. Fuller, Windsor Road, N7.