Photographer Claudia Janke’s Packing up Packington exhibition to open tomorrow

"George" in Packing up Packington

"George" in Packing up Packington - Credit: Claudia Janke

An international photographer will be showcasing her new exhibition which highlights the human story of urban regeneration in an Islington estate.

"Alma and Eric" in Packing up Packington

"Alma and Eric" in Packing up Packington - Credit: Claudia Janke

A unique photography and sound installation by Claudia Janke, a German-born London-based photographer, will open tomorrow in the Packington Estate, off Packington Street, which is currently undergoing a massive redevelopment following a decision to demolish the site over safety concerns.

The Packing up Packington exhibition, consisting of life-size portraits of the residents of Packington coupled with video interviews, will give the public a brief opportunity to glimpse into their lives as they move from their old condemned flats into brand new homes.

Ms Janke, who is also a resident of Packington estate, said: “From the outside, Packington may have appeared a monstrous maze of ugly flats and corridors harbouring a bad reputation, but for most of us it has been our home and the basis of our community.

“By giving an intimate glimpse into life in our multi-cultural community, I hope to challenge this prejudice and I want to show the human side of the estate.

“More than anything, I want to bring residents together, tell our stories and preserve our history as we all share in this transition.”

The Packington regeneration is a 10-year £170m project which plans to have the residents of Packington Square moved into their brand new homes by the middle of 2016.