Pie-selling Highbury couple ordered to take down Piebury Corner sign

A Highbury couple selling pies on Arsenal match days have been told to take down a joke street sign welcoming hungry fans to “Piebury Corner”.

Nicky Campbell and husband Paul launched the gourmet pie stand from their front garden in Gillespie Road, near the junction with Avenell Road, at the start of the season.

The jolly duo had a realistic street sign made up showing Piebury Corner in the London Borough of Pi’slington - and on match days they stick it up over the Avenell Road one.

But they have now been told to take it down by a council officer – after just one resident complained.

Mrs Campbell, 39, said: “They said there’s been a complaint and we have to take it down. But we’ve not defaced the street sign – we were just covering it up for a few hours as a bit of fun. It’s ridiculous – somebody must have too much time on their hands to moan about that.”

The couple sell up to 200 pies when there’s a game and already have a Facebook fan page in their honour with 255 followers.

Mr Campbell, 46, said: “We got away with it for six months and all our neighbours seemed to love it. Whoever complained is just being a killjoy. The officers were fine and let it go until someone moaned.”

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But Islington Council’s transport chief said he is not against residents having a bit of fun this week - and the sign can stay. Cllr Paul Convery added: “I don’t believe anybody will get confused about where they are and they’re not damaging anything.”