Play packed a real punch

It’s worrying that your theatre reviewer on the Gazette’s website Hina Pandya believes that a playwright is of no or little consequence to what actually happens on a stage.

In Ms Pandya’s review of my play Trading Faces at the Lion & Unicorn, I was reduced to simply having been the “script” that for her “failed to deliver the ultimate punch it desired”.

Strange then that the reviewer went on to endorse the play by acknowledging its powerful emotion, stating that she and the audience were “engaged and moved” by the performances. Perhaps Ms Pandya was under the impression the actors just made up their words on the spot in the style of an improvisation session? Actually they were written by me – Mr Invisible.

Being both engaged and moved by my script was the ultimate punch I desired. I couldn’t have asked for more. – Richard Bevan, playwright and screenwriter, via e-mail.