Plucky Eddie’s a right Royal star

If there’s one thing that Side Lines likes, it’s when plucky people aim high.

This week’s plucky devil is Eddie Kent. By night he is DJ Eddie K, a reggae-loving disc-spinner who may or may not have special superpowers.

By day, he is Eddie Kent, a security guard at The Whittington Hospital, which is a bit like being a mild-mannered janitor, which is what superheroes usually masquerade as during the day.

Being a security guard, he’s probably a bit more tough and scary.

Eddie has been volunteering at The Whittington Hospital radio station for seven years and presents a show called Reggae Rundown.

Side Lines approves of this name. You know exactly what you’re going to get – a rundown of reggae.

However, Eddie is a man of ambition and aspiration, which is why he wrote to Wills and Kate to ask if he could DJ at the Royal Wedding.

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Quite frankly, this is brilliant. William and Kate could spend more on their DJ than most people can on their entire weddings.

If they wanted to, they could have Pete Tong playing during the meal, Judge Jules for the tea dance, Tony Blackburn for the drunken dad dancing at the end and still have money left over for the coach and horses home.

Indeed, conventional wisdom would dictate that a hospital DJ wouldn’t even get a look-in. But did that deter Eddie K from making his approach? Did it, heck!

Buckingham Palace wrote a fairly non-committal response to Eddie, saying that they had received lots of similar offers but that they would contact him if they wanted to take him up on his offer.

In truly positive style, Eddie has put this response in a nice frame rather than tearing it up in rejected frustration.

Good work, Eddie. I for one hope that the Palace does give you a call. The thought of Prince Phillip dancing to Bob Marley is just delightful.

I used to do hospital radio when I was a teenager. I was in charge of the request show. I once approached an elderly patient and told her that I was from the radio station, and which track would she like me to play?

She looked me square in the face and barked: “I’ll have the jelly!”