Police able to confiscate street drink

Police will be handed controversial powers to crack down on nuisance drinkers this week.

Officers will be able to confiscate booze from anyone they deem “likely” to cause a nuisance when a borough-wide “controlled drinking zone” comes into force on Monday.

Refusal to hand over alcohol could result in a �50 on-the-spot fine or even arrest and prosecution, with a maximum fine of �500.

Det Supt Adrian Usher, of Islington Police, said: “Our priority is to minimise risk to the public. We know that individuals are substantially more likely to be the perpetrators or victims of violence when they have been drinking.”

However, critics say it is unnecessary and open to abuse. When the idea was floated in April, Josie Appleton, director of anti-overregulation pressure group The Manifesto Club, based in Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell, said: “The police already have laws for dealing with drunken and disorderly behaviour.”

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