Polish teen killed in Finsbury Park after Second World War insults

A POLISH teenager was stabbed to death when he stepped in to defend his girlfriend from a stalker who made Second World War insults, a court heard yesterday (Monday, February 7).

Marcin Bilaszewski, 19, was knifed in the back by grinning 34 year-old Alphonse Kruizinga outside busy Finsbury Park Station.

Homeless Kruizinga, who is Dutch, had followed the Polish couple and their friends as they made their way to an 18th birthday party, jurors were told.

Kruizinga had earlier blamed the Poles for the Second World War and threatened to “get each of them one by one”, it is claimed.

The Old Bailey heard Kruizinga had repeatedly tried to provoke Polish youths who gathered outside his squat at in Clapton Common.

Two days before the murder he got into a fight with a friend of Mr Bilaszewski and suffered an injury to his face.

Prosecutor Robert Smart said: “He had been complaining about Polish people and saying that there would be bloodshed soon.”

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On the evening of May 8 last year, Mr Bilaszewski and his friends gathered at the block of flats before heading to his girlfriend’s 18th birthday party in Alperton, north west London.

Kruizinga tried to provoke a fight and then followed the group as they walked to catch a bus.

Mr Smart said Kruizinga’s behaviour was “of an extremely strange and offensive nature”.

He said: “On the way to the bus stop he began to say that it was the fault of the Polish that the Second World War had occurred.

“He said that it was not over yet and there was going to be a lot of blood and he was going to get each of them one by one.”

The Polish group went to sit on the upper deck to get away from him but he continued to follow them, the court heard.

“By now he was effectively stalking the group,” said Mr Smart.

“This annoyed some of the group and he was asked to leave them alone and not follow them.”

Kruizinga continued to follow them when they got off at Finsbury Park Station and offered to fight them, jurors heard.

Most ignored him but Mr Bilaszewski’s girlfriend Anna Betlinska became so outraged that she started fighting him.

“As this fight was taking place the deceased also became involved,” said Mr Smart. “He was not armed.

“Alphonse Kruizinga, who had been earlier taunting the deceased, then produced a knife from his sleeve or pocket and in a swinging motion stabbed the deceased to his lower back.”

Unaware Mr Bilaszewski had been stabbed, his girlfriend continued to fight and chased Kruizinga from the scene.

The victim died after being taken to hospital for a blood transfusion.

When Kruizinga was arrested on May 13 in Wood Green he had two knives concealed in homemade paper sheaths up his coat sleeves.

Kruizinga, of no fixed address, denies murder.

The trial continues.