Poppy memories

While tracing my family tree I came across a photo of the Armistice Day service at Holy Trinity Cross, Thornhill Gardens, Islington, in 1929. My grandad has the Standard by the memorial with four service men with reversed arms. Two weeks later grandad died.

Living in Surrey it took me some time to track down the whereabouts of the memorial. On Remembrance Sunday I went with my son and grandson to the memorial.

I was glad to see the memorial and gardens were well kept, but it was sad to see there was not a poppy in sight!

We placed a wooden Poppy Cross among the pansies at the base of the cross. Just the three of us had our two minutes’ silence. Then a final look round and we left.

My son said: “Dad, I wonder when they stopped laying poppies here.” I couldn’t answer. But we knew we had stood where my unknown grandad had stood. – Tony Baxter, via e-mail.