Popular Finsbury community centre set for new hub

St Luke's Community Centre are looking to expand

St Luke's Community Centre are looking to expand - Credit: Archant

Dance classes, a food bank and more set for new venture

A popular community centre is set to open a new site.

St Luke’s, in Central Street, Finbsury, is developing a plan for the church hall on nearby Roscoe Street.

Currently at the proposal stage, the intention is to host dance classes, a new choir, art workshops, a food bank, children’s parties and more.

A spokesman for St Luke’s said: “From this year, St Luke’s aims to start offering it’s ever popular services and activities into the estates and halls of the local neighbourhoods.

“We would like to share the knowledge, skills and partnerships we have developed and help spread that valuable sense of community spirit a welcoming and vibrant space can create.”

More information about St Luke’s at Roscoe Street can be found here, or by calling 020 7549 8188.