‘Potentially deadly’ Stroud Green flats see landlord fined

town hall offciers found the property to be substandard

town hall offciers found the property to be substandard - Credit: Archant

Another company busted for overcrowding home

Damp and mould in this Stroud Green flat has landed the landlord in hot water

Damp and mould in this Stroud Green flat has landed the landlord in hot water - Credit: Archant

Two “potentially lethal” flats with carbon monoxide, damp, mould and asbestos hazards has seen the landlord hit with a heavy fine.

Another property, where five people were crammed into a home with one room measuring just six metres square, landed the letting agent in hot water as Islington Council carried on their crackdown on unscrupulous landlords.

In the first case, a spot check at two self-contained flats in Stroud Green Road, Stroud Green, revealed a host of hazards putting tenants at risk from cold conditions, poor fire precautions, asbestos, falls and electrical safety hazards.

The landlord, Thierry Doudrich, of Castle Avenue, Chingford, was told to get the properties up to standard but didn’t carry out the work.

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On May 18, Doudrich pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the improvement notices and was fined a total of £5,000 and ordered to pay the council’s costs of £3,394.56.

Magistrates said despite the guilty plea a heavy fine was suitable due to the seriousness of the “potentially lethal” hazards.

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The second case saw TheCityRooms.com Ltd, based in Cambridge Heath Road, Whitechapel, was prosecuted for failing to comply with an overcrowding notice.

At the flat in question, in Mitchison Road, Islington, officers found a property which was suitable for three people occupied by five.

The company was served with an overcrowding notice and ordered to keep the tiny, three metre by two metre room empty.

But it ignored the order and rented the room again – when it pleaded guilty at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court it was fined a total of £1,250.

In addition, company director Mr Jason Zhou, known as Xingjian Zhou, was fined £850.

Cllr James Murray, executive member for housing and development, said: “We’re determined that private landlords provide homes that are decent, safe and suitable to live in.

“Most landlords do the right thing and look after their tenants, but we will firmly hold to account those who put tenants at risk.”

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