Pro-Kurdish activists storm Guardian’s Islington offices

�A pro-Kurdish campaign group demonstrated inside The Guardian’s Islington office after breaching security.

Around 15 activists entered the HQ in Kings Place last Friday in a peaceful protest against UK media coverage.

Protesters say British news organisations including The Guardian are not highlighting the alleged oppression of Kurdish people in Turkey.


Group leader Mark Campbell, 49, delivered a speech in front of journalists and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger before the London-based campaigners were led out peacefully by security.

The Turkish government has been fighting insurgents from the Kurdistan Workers Party since 1984 in a battle that has claimed 40,000 lives.

Speaking afterwards Mr Campbell said: “If The Guardian, with its long liberal history, isn’t reporting the real truth about the Turkish government’s treatment of the Kurds, what chance do the other papers have?

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“Entering the offices was a desperate measure, but the situation called for it.

“Alan Rusbridger was incredibly courteous and polite to give his time. We will continue to raise awareness of this issue until a political resolution is reached.”

Mr Campbell presented Mr Rusbridger with a letter outlining their grievances.

He added: “The experience was a bit like a scene from Benny Hill.

“We went up the stairs and turned around to many members of staff watching us. It seemed to be a natural stage for speaking, so I delivered the speech then and there.”

Mr Rusbridger said: “It was very peaceful, the protesters were fine. They arrived and proceeded to speak, which the staff and I gathered to hear. The whole thing was over fairly quickly.”