Project helps to integrate Black women into Caledonian community

Gladys Cobbina-Agyemang has founded the project

Gladys Cobbina-Agyemang has founded the project - Credit: Gladys Cobbina-Agyemang

The Black women in the community would feel more involved in the Caledonian community if they had improved access to information, the founder of Black Women’s Link Project (BWLP) has said. 

Gladys Cobbina-Agyemang said after the pandemic many women were scared to go out because they were “stuck in their home and quite depressed because they don’t know anyone". 

Gladys said there would be “a lot of improvement by giving us [Black women] access to information. We need to be part of the community as a whole and give us a voice". 

Established during the pandemic, the BWLP supports women who are lonely and don’t feel they have a voice. During their meetings, they discuss loneliness and social isolation, encouraging women to share their experiences and gain confidence.

One BWLP member, who preferred to be left anonymous, reflected on her experience at BWLP: “In the beginning, I was unconfident, but Gladys would encourage me to talk. Now I am more confident."

BWLP meets at the York Way Community Centre and online via Zoom every two weeks. 

Visit their Eventbrite page to find out about their next meeting.

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