Protestors gather at Barclays in Islington over tax gripe

Campaigners about to deliver a giant Christmas card to Barclays on Upper Street. From left � Glenn P

Campaigners about to deliver a giant Christmas card to Barclays on Upper Street. From left � Glenn Power, Sophie Wills-Virk, James Kennelley, Caroline Jones, Andi Jarrett-Johnson, Andrew Masiye, Kevin O�Connor, David Wilkinson, Natasha Adams, Janey Stephenson and Ema Jackson - Photo by Emma Stoner - Credit: Archant

Campaigners gathered outside Barclays’ Angel branch on Saturday to call for an end to the bank’s alleged promotion of tax havens in Africa.

The rally, organised by Islington based charity Action Aid UK, saw a giant Christmas card delivered to the bank in Upper Street and free soap handed out while protesters urged Barclays to clean up its act.

They also sang customised carols and held up signs mimicking the Barclays logo, that asked the bank to “behave”.

The campaigners say that the bank is denying some of the world’s poorest people access to vital funds for schools and hospitals by encouraging big businesses in Africa set up offshore.

David Watkinson, 66, of Conewood street, Highbury, dressed up as Father Christmas for the rally.

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He said: “I got involved with the campaign because I think it’s wholly wrong that Barclays bank is facilitating tax dodging by promoting the use of tax.”

A Barclays spokesperson said the company shares Action Aid’s concern in the matter, but that the charity had its facts wrong.

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The bank insists that it always encourages its clients to comply with its tax principles.

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