Pupils have the right to be angry

I understand that last Wednesday a large number of older students from Highbury Grove School wanted to go on the student demonstration in central London.

Students at the school were clearly very angry about the potential loss of Education Maintenance Allowance, which is awarded to the vast majority of Highbury Grove students doing A-levels and which they very much rely on to complete their studies.

They were also very angry that, if they go on to university, they will be faced with debts of up to �50,000. If I was a school student now I would want to walk out of school and protest about what this government is doing to people who don’t even get a vote.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg say they can’t leave the country in debt for the younger generations, but instead they will leave them in crippling personal debt. Unfortunately for the students, they were not allowed out of the school to make their voices heard. Which is why I write this letter to let people know how angry they are about the actions of this coalition government. – Andrew Berry, parent governor, Highbury grove school, N5.