Put patients first

There is a lot of concern with regard to the new health reforms and some people are saying that it is not a good thing that GPs should take over management of services. As a patient, i don’t agree.

i would love to be able to turn up at my GP surgery and hey, if they have a machine, as is the case in some places, that tells me there and then if I have a serious problem, and then can commence treating me, then I think that is in my best interest.

On last week’s letters page (Gazette, January 20) Shirley franklin stated that GPs should be able to use their training.

With the current system, GPs are no more than referral experts, who spend 10 minutes per patient, deciding where to refer them.

then the patient makes an appointment, then a few weeks later the patient finds out their true fate. this wastes time for the patient and wastes the limited capital in the system – and can be costly if you have something serious wrong.

The sooner you identify and have the problem treated, the better for you.

hence, if you save the management money – as in get rid of it, i.e. the costly management consultant who ain’t going to save your life – then that cash can go into providing direct medical care for you. It is a no brainer. – MG McElligott, Amwell Street, EC1.