Register or lose your right to vote for Mayor

Islington residents must register to vote by April 18 to have their say in who becomes London Mayor.

The ballot on May 3 will also decide the make-up of the Greater London Assembly (GLA) and people will be able to cast three votes in total – one for the Mayor and two for the GLA.

Incumbent conservative Mayor Boris Johnson, Labour’s Ken Livingston, the Lib Dem’s Brian Paddick and the Green Party’s Jenny Jones have been traversing the capital in a quest for votes.

Islington, along with Hackney and Waltham Forest, is part of the north east London constituency for the GLA.

Lesley Seary, Islington Council’s chief executive, said: “The 2012 London Mayoral and GLA elections are very important as elected members are the people making decisions about policing, planning and transport in the capital.

“UK, Commonwealth and EU citizens living in London can all cast their ballots.

“To make sure you have your chance to vote, please make sure you are registered to vote by April 18.”