Report looks at the children who are suffering major problems with drink

Up to four children aged 12 and 13 in Islington are alcoholics, new figures reveal.

A further dozen aged 14 and 15 have a serious problem with drink, according to statistics announced in Parliament last week.

The numbers were part of a response to a written question asking how many under 18s in each local authority access substance misuse services, with alcohol as their main problem.

The exact number of 12 and 13-years-olds was withheld, to avoid any chance of identifying them, but a further 15 youngsters aged between 16 and 17 were said to have alcohol problems in the borough.

This gave Islington the record of having the most underage alcoholics out of its neighbouring boroughs Camden, Hackney and Haringey.

Cllr Janet Burgess, Islington Council’s executive member for health and well-being, said: “Alcohol is especially damaging to young people and Islington’s Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service offers age-appropriate services and support for those who need help at as early an age as possible.

“We are very concerned about these figures as they show the harm being done to our young people.”