Resilient arts will overcome the cuts

The Arts Council funding decisions have made the headlines.

The announcement is one of mixed fortunes within Islington. While any reduction is disappointing, Islington’s art infrastructure appears to have faired much better than other London boroughs.

But this is a very difficult time for the arts, as the effects of the government cuts are being felt at ground level. Government cuts are coming from a range of sources including local authorities.

Yet Creative Islington believes that the arts are resilient and innovative and is committed to helping them through this difficult period of reduced funding.

Islington is blessed with a diverse and hugely rich portfolio of artists and arts organisations.

Through our regular networking events, and a programme of dedicated support for fundraising, marketing and business development, Creative Islington, alongside the council’s art service aims to support and promote the arts in the borough, and to connect them to as many people as possible inside and outside the borough. – Katy Fattuhi, director, Creative Islington.

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