Ringcross Estate youngsters enjoy six week international cooking course

A six-week cooking course for girls is underway at The Underground Youth Centre on the Ringcross Estate, Holloway.

The Hyde Group housing association, which runs the building in Piper Close, is offering youngsters up to 18 the chance to learn about international food and cultures. Teenagers have been cooking Spanish paella, Jamaican patties, a Peruvian quinoa salad and Cornish pasties.

Demelza Okwan, 10, said: “The patties tasted so good. I would love to have them again.” Amina Djoud, 10, said: “I even took some home so my mum could try it.’

Zenobia Talati, Hyde’s deputy youth worker, said: “We want to promote the idea of healthy and nutritious home-made foods, rather than fad diets and junk food.”