Road law blunders

A month ago I had to drop my 11-year-old daughter at St Pancras International at 6.30am on Saturday ...a very popular time as I found out.

However, turning right off Euston Road into Pancras Road I found no parking spots and, dismissing the presumably expensive and longer term car park, I turned around at the top and came back down again to find the perfect spot.

A mistake for me as several hard-earned and scarce pounds went to an undeserving Camden Council who had decided any such turnaround would cost perpetrators �60.

This weekend I took my usual route home from dropping aforesaid daughter and hung a right off Ball’s Pond Road into Henshall Street... another 60 smackers into council coffers.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with either manoeuvre yet they cost me �120 in fines.

These transport planners may have some incredible reason (other than earning money off the downtrodden driver, especially the oldies and residents, their employers really), for banning these routes.

But I suspect it is analogous to the Shoreditch one-way system ... after 20 years, the planners wake up to the fact that they have made an expensive blunder and have to spend even more of our money on going back to how us oldies remember it. – Mike Fenning, via e-mail.