Roamer parking scheme a bad idea

I write to raise some of the issues that residents have brought to my attention arising from the Labour Council’s new “Roamer” parking permit scheme.

In parts of Hillrise and Junction wards, people from outside will be able to use their “roamer” permits to park between 10am and 2pm – which in practice means all day, as there are no parking restrictions here outside those hours.

The majority of residents in my ward are clear in telling me this is a bad idea – but then, unlike the Labour councillors who unanimously voted for it, I have bothered to actually ask them.

Residents will take second place to commuters, hospital visitors and shoppers unless these proposals are dropped or modified.

I now understand Labour’s parking supremo, responsible for the new charges, Councillor Paul Smith says it is “still early days for residents to object to the scheme.” I hope that is genuine, and the start date can be delayed for him to consider the strong responses. To assist that process, residents can if they wish send their comments on the new parking policies and charges to me at and I will ensure they are forwarded on and acknowledged. – Councillor Greg Foxsmith, Liberal Democrat, Hillrise ward, Town Hall, Upper Street, N1.