Rolo the Dog’s memorial shrine in Islington’s Old Red Lion Theatre Pub

�Residents have created a shrine to a popular dog who lived in an Islington pub.

Regulars at the Old Red Lion Theatre in St John Street have made a memorial to Rolo, who died on September 12.

The boxer dog lived there for eight years with pub owner Damien Devine, and continued to visit after he moved to Essex in 2009.

During her stay, Rolo even helped catch a suspected burglar.

Large character

Mr Devine, 48, said: “She was a big, floppy dog that everyone loved. Rolo will be sadly missed by many in the community and her large character in the theatrical pub will be hard to replace.”

Regular Linda Martin, 54, who remembers when Rolo arrived as an eight-month-old puppy, said: “She would never forget anyone who came in here and we will never forget her. We would often see Rolo sitting at the window in the morning watching the world go by. And customers would happily take her for a walk around Angel.”

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In 2008 the Red Lion changed its front sign to a picture of Rolo after she stopped a man who reportedly broke into the pub.

Mr Devine added: “Rolo was an intuitive, loyal dog who knew something was wrong and would not let the man pass.

“The man froze because he was scared of dogs. Rolo would only move when the police arrived.”