Alciveadis Mauredis death: Royal Oak pub could lose licence after staff member ‘failed to call ambulance’ when assault victim lay outside

The Royal Oak Pub could lose its licence after a man who'd been assaulted was left unconsious outsid

The Royal Oak Pub could lose its licence after a man who'd been assaulted was left unconsious outside. Picture: Lucas Cumiskey - Credit: Archant

A pub on the Elthorne estate could lose its licence over the alleged failure of a staff member to call 999 when a man was attacked and left unconscious on the street outside.

A sign in the window of The Royal Oak pub apologising to customers for the business being closed. Pi

A sign in the window of The Royal Oak pub apologising to customers for the business being closed. Picture: Lucas Cumiskey - Credit: Archant

Police had already applied for a review of its premises licence when the victim, 60-year-old Alciveadis Mauredis, died in hospital from his injuries on Thursday - more than two weeks on from the July 13 assault.

An officer wrote in documents presented to the council: "The only staff member on duty [...] did not call for immediate medical assistance [when told Mr Mauredis was] unconscious in the street. [...]

"It is reported that, some hours later, the member of staff visited the victim's home address [in Beachcroft Way]. She found him still unconscious and in a very bad way. At that point, she called the ambulance but then left, not staying with the victim to await the emergency services."

Sarah Hester, who claimed to be the barmaid, contacted the Gazette saying she didn't an ambulance straight away because someone else said they'd done it.

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London Ambulance Service staff, helicopter paramedics and police officers found Mr Mauredis critically injured at his home, with "injuries determined as being a double bleed to the brain".

It's believed he was attacked outside the pub, off St John's Way, at about 1.10am. The actual incident log in the licensing papers has been redacted.

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The Royal Oak declined to comment when approached by the Gazette about Mr Mauredis' death last week. The licensing sub-committee temporarily suspended its licence on July 18, and there are signs in the pub windows stating: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Royal Oak will be closed until further notice." The licence review is due to take place on Tuesday.

A 26-year-old-man from Islington was arrested on suspicion of GBH on July 13.

Leon Tayler, 26, of Cornwallis Square, was charged on July 14 with causing GBH with intent, and is expected to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday.

One of Mr Mauredis' neighbours, Connor Allen, told the Gazette he'd been out drinking with his girlfriend and some mates the evening of the assault.

Connor said he remembered Mr Mauredis' arrival back at the block, and that another friend had helped carry him up the stairs to his flat. He believed Mr Mauredis was simply "incredibly drunk" rather than unconscious.

"My friend did the Good Samaritan thing," said Connor. "He heard [Mr Mauredis'] friends struggling to get him through the door into the building, so he hoisted an arm around his shoulder and helped to get him upstairs." He believes it was 3am at this point.

Connor said they were woken up at 8am the next morning by police asking questions about the attack.

Of his neighbour, he added: "He [Mr Mauredis] was polite and very happy to say: 'Hello, if you need coffee or sugar come borrow some.'

"Probably the most notable interaction we was around Christmas. We were having a little party. There was a knock at the door and we thought a neighbour was going to tell us to keep the noise down.

"It was [Mr Mauredis] from upstairs, who said: 'Having a party, are you? Here's a bottle of Jack Daniels - have a good time and enjoy your evening.'"

Another neighbour, who gave her name as Sharon, said Mr Mauredis "was a lovely man who always said hello".

Asked about Mr Mauredis, Keith Radcliff, also of Beachcroft Way, said: "He was an American and had lived here for a long time. He was gregarious, a motorbike enthusiast [and] he was ingratiated within the neighbourhood. I saw him several times in the week before the incident and he was very effusive."

Police were due to meet the premises licence holder today to "discuss a number of suitable measures to mitigate further problems".

Enterprise Inns Group, the freeholder of the Royal Oak, has also made a representation.

A spokesperson for Ei Publican Partnerships said: "We are aware of this incident and the pub remains temporarily closed while we work alongside the local authorities with their investigation."

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