Rubbish collection mix-up by Islington Council

Residents were left confused after being told their rubbish would only be collected when most of them would be working.

Islington Council wrote to people in Grosvenor Avenue, Canonbury, stating collections occur between 4pm and 5pm everyday and they could risk a fine if bins are left outside at any other time.

The council has now admitted the letter was incorrect.

Jessica Elgot, 25, a journalist who lives on the road, said: “The council clearly have a pretty pessimistic view of their own borough’s unemployment figures if they think people are sitting inside between 4pm and 5pm on a weekday rather than at work.”

A council spokesman said: “Because residents living above shops don’t have anywhere to store rubbish they have a daily bin collection, to stop waste piling up in their homes.

“In this street we offer a morning collection and an afternoon one, so residents can put rubbish out before they go to work if that’s easier.”