Saluting the home of the brave

Hurrah! I knew things were picking up in the borough.

Hot on the heels of my last column, in which I revealed our first tale of heroism this year comes another wonderful tale of courage, valour and general brilliance.

Our hero is Lucas Robinson (nice name) who saved the life of a guest at his dinner party. Said guest, Andrew Gaines, collapsed during dinner from a cardiac arrest due to an undetected heart defect.

Lucas gave Andrew some life-saving CPR while waiting for the ambulance to arrive – a smart and quick-thinking move for sure, but also a vital one. Doctors said that Lucas’ actions were “critical in keeping Andrew alive”.

Speaking as someone who has just hosted her first dinner party, I am very, very impressed.

I was so busy trying to stop my roast potatoes from burning that I doubt I would have had the wherewithal to save one of my guests if they collapsed.

Another major difference would have been that if somebody collapsed during my dinner party, it would definitely have been because of the food, especially my stuffed aubergines.

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Life-saving Lucas sounds like a modern-day action man.

Not only does he work in international development, but he learned his first aid skills in a pre-deployment course before being sent to Afghanistan to work for the Canadian government.

Wow. Take that, James Bond! Side Lines is in love. We need more people like you, Lucas, and less people like the gormless idiots on The Only Way Is Essex.

Thankfully Andrew is now safe and well, having spent several days in a coma after the cardiac arrest. This makes Side Lines very happy.

What also makes Side Lines very happy is that Lucas has been publicly awarded for his bravery by the local cop shop.

He was one of more than 20 officers, volunteers and members of the public recognised for their brave and heroic acts at a ceremony at the Honourable Artillery Company in City Road. That’s a lot of very brave people in Islington. Well done, everyone! We salute you.