Santas take over Highbury Fields

More than 100 Santas took over Highbury Fields – proving that there really is such a thing as Father Christmas.

The 108 men, women and children – all dressed in red and white suits – were walking, jogging and running 2k round Highbury Fields to raise money for The Bridge School, which is based on two sites in Carleton Road and Hungerford Road, Holloway, and caters for children with autism and severe learning disabilities.

The Santa Run has so far raised at least �1,300, which will go towards buying tablet computers.

Annette Bonneau, fundraising co-ordinator for the school, which is, said: “For some people, tablets are a play thing or a work thing but for our pupils, it really helps them communicate. The majority of our pupils are non-verbal so it really helps.”

The Bridge School believes that the December 8 event was one of the first in north London.

Ms Bonneau said: “We were trying to get people excited about the school and about Christmas and I think it worked. I have been inundated with positive feedback. Students from the school came out and did it with us and they enjoyed it too. You don’t really see 100 santas out at once so it was good fun.”