Savannah Will Walk: Cash appeal for Crouch Hill girl, 4, who is ‘trapped in her own body’

Savannah at home in her highchair

Savannah at home in her highchair - Credit: Archant

Little Savannah Keane is like most other four-year-old girls in many ways. She’s always smiling, knows what she likes and doesn’t like when it comes to her food, and loves spending time with her family.

Savannah Keane, aged four

Savannah Keane, aged four - Credit: Archant

What is different about Savannah is her disability.

Born two months prematurely, at just 10 days old Savannah suffered a stroke that left her severely brain damaged. Doctors gave her hours to live, her family began making funeral arrangements, and all seemed lost.

But Savannah, of Crouch Hill, kept on fighting, and recently celebrated her fourth birthday with her family.

And while she has been diagnosed with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy, meaning she has very little movement and can’t walk or talk, mum Suzanne says this hasn’t dampened her approach to life.

Savannah shortly after she was born

Savannah shortly after she was born - Credit: Archant

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“She’s such a content little girl, and always has a smile on her face,” she says.

“But she’s very much trapped in her own body, and we’re doing all we can to try and help her with that.”

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That help starts with the “Savannah Will Walk” fundraiser in Whitechapel on June 26. Taking place at the Osmani centre from 1pm till 4pm, it will feature live Brazilian music, Irish dancing, a three-course meal and a chance to win some great prizes, including tickets to see Justin Bieber.

Tickets are available now, starting at just £12, with all proceeds going to the rehabilitation and equipment Savannah needs.

Savannah, who's fundraiser takes place on June 27

Savannah, who's fundraiser takes place on June 27 - Credit: Archant

“We’re hoping to raise enough money to take her to the Adelli centre in Slovakia,” says Suzanne.

“They offer therapy which is best suited to Savannah, and it’s a very good programme. It involves speech, language and oxygen therapy seven hours a day, six days a week. The optimum time to help children with Savannnah’s condition is before the age of six, and we want to get her there before then.”

Suzanne says she and her family have given everything, including selling their own possessions, to pay for Savannah’s treatment so far. She is now at a stage where she can now hold her head up independently for minutes at a time, but Suzanne doesn’t want Savannah’s journey to end there, and said all she wants is for her daughter to have the opportunity to improve her condition.

“We just want to give her the chance every other child has,” says Suzanne

Savannah with mum Suzanne

Savannah with mum Suzanne - Credit: Archant

“The chance to have the ability to take a step or two. Just to be able to walk and talk, something that most parents in the world take for granted.”

For tickets, call 020 8133 0010 or 07783 437 077. To find out more about Savannah, visit the campaign’s website.

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