Search for lost Islington planning document

A former Gazette cover star is seeking out a report from a controversial planning decision almost 30 years ago.

Reginald Price, 78, who now lives in Bromley, made the front page in 1983 when he was the independent inspector in a tussle between the council and market traders over the pedestrianisation of Chapel Market.

Discussions became heated, and the traders staged a walkout at the first meeting, leading to the inquiry taking a month rather than the scheduled single session.

In a bid to persuade Mr Price, and to gain some publicity, the traders arranged for a lady in fishnet stockings to deliver him a valentines card in the middle of one of the meetings.

Mr Price is desperate to get hold of the original copy of the report entitled “The Stopping-up of Highways in Isling-ton, Chapel Market 1983”.

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He said: “I would love to get a copy of the report because it was the highlight of my career.

“I enjoyed it – there was a real sense of fair play between the two sides.

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“If anyone has got a copy that they can lend to me I would be very grateful.”

n Email or call 020 7433 0000 with information.

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