Sex is great for this 22 stone woman!

I read in the newspapers last year that obese women have bad sex lives. WRONG! I’m 22 stone, age 23, and my sex life couldn’t be better.

Men describe me as their best ever experience, and I’m never short of sex. So why do these reports always lie about us?

I’m not about to lose weight to improve my sex life, as it’s already amazing. I’m happy, my guys are happy. And they’re more than willing to pay over the odds at the massage parlour I work for to get their hands on a real woman. All real woman are a size 20 or over! Fat, fit, and fantastic!!!

Barbara says: In many ways I agree with you. Sexy, larger, fleshy, curvy ladies can have as much fun, or more, than Skinny Minnies. I hate the word ‘obese’ and think it should be banned, or binned.

But there’s just something I’d ask you to get your head round. If I’m reading this right, you’re a sex worker? What’s your real, private sex life like? Do you have one? That’s what the reports were about. Think about it, please.