Shall I buy her lingerie or perfume?

I need you to be a referee as I’m getting so many conflicting opinions on what I should buy my 21-year-old girlfriend for Christmas.

We’ve been going (I’d like to say steady, but it’s wobbly at times) for five months. My colleagues tell me that women like lingerie for Christmas, but they’re all sad blokes.

Her friends tell me she’d probably like a wok or a new blender, because she loves cooking (and she’s great at it!).

My mum says I should buy her jewellery, but she doesn’t wear it, especially rings (yeah, my mum said to buy her a ring!).

I want to buy her perfume, and chocolates, because they’re safe. Should I play safe? I have �200 to spend.

Barbara says: You know what? Women don’t actually like their men buying things for the kitchen. They like them to buy something just for them.

Take her to Paris for an overnight stay or even to Brighton, or buy her a spa break voucher.

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Don’t just think ‘things’, think experiences. And lingerie and rings are NOT ON if it’s only been five wobbly months!