Shame of ticket for disabled driver

Very early this morning a parking notice appeared in our street suspending all the residents’ bays from 8.30 this morning, for nine days, for building works.

There had been no advance notice of this, and my neighbour who uses a disabled bay is in hospital and had no chance to move her car. By 1pm there was a parking ticket on her windscreen. How on earth can a council with any pretensions to serving the community let this happen?

Firstly, there should have been advance warning of the suspension and secondly it should not apply to disabled bays.

No doubt she can appeal but, honestly, why should she have to?

The council should hang its collective municipal head in shame and cancel this ticket.

To add insult, the builders spent less than two hours on site, parking one van in one bay. It is now half past two and I expect they are home in the warm. – Louise Vincent, N7.