She’s my dream girl... but she plays rugby!

I’ve just started uni here, and have met the girl of my dreams.

She’s a medic, like me, and truly the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen in my life – slim and beautiful. Not that I’ve seen or talked to all that many! I went to an all-boys’ school, live in a rural community.

Her background is similar to my own, and her family comes from the same Indian/Ugandan culture as mine. It’s like meeting a soulmate.

However, one thing is worrying me. She’s now signed up to play rugby for the university. She says she plays on the wing as she’s a very fast athlete. That’s good. I play cricket and understand. But I must say that my flatmates and my parents may not understand that her desire to play rugby, a male game, is fine by me.

I think it’s possible that I’ll face certain problems from my parents and my flatmates if I reveal that she’s in the rugby team. I just want our relationship to progress without problems. I couldn’t bear it if my friends and family made this a problem.

l Barbara says: They can’t make it a problem unless you allow it to be. Basically what you’re saying is that her sport has several sexuality connotations? Forget it. You’re 18. Life teaches us, right here, right now, that it doesn’t matter what other people think. It matters what you think. You are now an adult. Be who you think you are, accept what you believe she is, not what conformist others try to tell you.