Silly Doctor Clever Doctor

Silly Doctor Clever Doctor

Silly Doctor Clever Doctor - Credit: Archant

Whittington paediatrician Dr Joe Raine has written a children’s book which takes the fear out of a visit to hospital and encourages kids to take their medicine

Whittington paediatrician Dr Joe Raine has written a children's book which takes the fear out of visiting the doctor.

Silly Doctor, Clever Doctor uses humour and bright illustrations to put young patients at ease during medical appointments - and encourages them to take their medicine.

The Muswell Hill consultant spent years crafting the text, aimed at 2-6-year-olds, then commissioned Adam Walker-Parker to illustrate his story.

"I have drawn inspiration from the children I see in my clinic," says Dr Raine, who specialises in diabetes and endocrinology.

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"Some are nervous, especially if they need a blood test, and over the years I have developed humorous lines to try to put them at ease and get them to relax because then it's easier to examine them."

In the book, Dr Steph Scope makes 'silly mistakes' about young Mia's age, brain and heart that make her laugh - before correctly diagnosing and curing her tonsillitis.

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"I like children and like to make them smile, so I wanted it to be fun," he says.

"But being a doctor I couldn't help putting in some educational elements with basic diagrams on the wall showing things like the lungs and brain.

"I've also tried to encourage kids to take their medicine and to realise it might benefit them."

Dr Raine is also a member of The Magic Circle and sometimes performs magic to children on the wards in his free time.

"I have performed to kids who are pretty unwell and it can have a really positive effect, which gives me a good feeling."

His next book explores the "overlap" between magic and medicine with the message not to take scientific advances for granted.

"If I had cured a patient with pneumonia 500 years ago, I would be called a sorcerer, 100 ago I would have been a miracle worker. Now we give antibiotics to cure patients and they don't think twice about it.

"Things like anaesthesia to take pain away or remove a burst appendix are almost magical in a way.I want people to appreciate that a bit more."

Clever Doctor Silly Doctor is available from amazon or from price £6.99.

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