Singing Whittington sisters are doing it for charity

INSPIRATIONAL nurses from The Whittington Hospital have recorded a collection of songs in between saving lives to raise cash for a cancer charity.

The four sisters with voices from the Archway hospital will be releasing the album Guiding You to generate money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Gaynor Wood, Jo Austin, Andrea Darke and Sharon Robinson, who perform as The Nurses, plan to donate 25 pence from each album sale to Macmillan.

Guiding You, which is due to be released on March 14, will feature classic love ballads such as I’ll Stand By You.

The Nurses have also recorded three of their own songs for the 15-track album.

Jo, who lives in Bounds Green, said: “We love singing and we have performed together before at the hospital.

“This seemed like a great opportunity. We will enjoy every minute and we hope to highlight some issues too.

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“Because it is Macmillan’s Centenary Year this seemed like the perfect time for the album.

“Macmillan campaign on a lot of issues that we feel strongly about and which apply to patient care in general.”

Andrea is an Edmonton resident, Gaynor lives in Finchley and Sharon is from Milton Keynes.

Songwriters Jason Nolan and Jake Hook are the production team behind The Nurses.

They discovered the quartet of Whittinton nurses when they were looking for real life ‘unsung heroes’ to showcase with a musical project.

Mr Hook said: “My mum is a nurse and so I know how hard they work and how dedicated they are.

“I wanted to celebrate their dedication and highlight the unsung heroes in society.

“We were told about these girls who had performed together for events at The Whittington Hospital.

“They were already friends, already a group and definitely unsung heroes. And they sound amazing.”

Mr Nolan, co-producer and manager of The Nurses, said: “If there’s one thing which personifies why this group is different from any other, it is when we were shooting video material at the hospital.

“The nurses were in make up when Jo’s alarm went off. A lady was haemorrhaging and Jo rushed off to help.

“Jo saved a woman’s life and then calmly came back to carry on with us.

“She took it in her stride, but we were in awe.”