Sipping Liquor: The Finsbury Park business delivering high-end booze to your door

Andrew Rummer of Sipping Liquor. Picture: Tom Ladle

Andrew Rummer of Sipping Liquor. Picture: Tom Ladle - Credit: Archant

An alcohol subscription service is being run out of a workspace above Blighty Cafe in Blackstock Road.

It promises to give a helping hand to anyone who may be intimidated by the world of spirits.

Sipping Liquor is a company founded by Andrew Rummer, 37, 18 months ago.

After spending most of his career as a journalist, Andrew – who lives in nearby Plimsoll Road – got itchy feet and decided to turn his interest in spirits into a business. And having stuck to the same alcohol for years, he decided to do a bit of exploring.

“I started realising, if you spend a little bit more, suddenly there is this whole world of flavours that open up and it gets really interesting,” he told the Gazette.

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He realised certain companies were portraying themselves as niche independently owned brands but in fact were owned by large corporations.

That inspired him to set up a business providing customers with alcohol that was different and hard to find.

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“One of the main criteria is the alcohol has to be from an independently owned company,” he said. “The customers don’t know what they are getting, so you have to be a little bit brave and adventurous to trust us.”

Andrew hasn’t totally abandoned his roots in journalism, though. Alongside the alcohol, Sipping Liquor also produces a magazine.

It provides customers with details about the drink, where it was distilled, why the company chooses to sell it and what makes it interesting – and even includes recommendations of what to drink it with.

Andrew reckons his company is unique to the alcohol market in the way it helps its customers discover the world of spirits, which he describes as daunting.

“There’s basically nothing out there that does what we do as a discovery club,” he said.

He hopes in the future he can get to the point when spirit brands that want to enter the UK market approach Sipping Liquor directly, looking for exposure.

“There’s a kind of symbiotic relationship with every delivery box we put together,” he said.

“The spirit company wants to promote their brand and we want to promote Sipping Liquor.”

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