Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - Theatre Review

Panto lacks some of its usual showbiz sparkle in a lack lustre performance of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS at the Shaw Theatre in Euston.

IT IS worth going to see this performance just for Andrew Fleming’s inspired turn as Muddles the jester.

His lively character, smart jokes, mimicry and fine singing voice lead us through the show and, at the end, he encourages (hilarious) children to step on stage and sing along. We all feel part of the act.

Unfortunately, disappointment (at least for the grown-ups) taints much of the rest.

Theatre and television acting require different skills – and in pantomime you forget this at your peril.

Having cast pretty Madeline Duggan as Snow White, director Andrew Lynford needed to ensure she translated her moves, diction and voice for the theatre. Then we would have had a more convincing heroine. The same applies to The Prince and Herman - nice bodies but not believable in speech and movement.

Time is wasted in a lengthy prologue, when what many youngsters needed was more clarity as the story unfolds. The lighting of the rather basic sets is almost the same for the palace as the deep dark wood.

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Luckily the show is saved by the dramatic Wicked Queen, played by Nicole Faraday, though in make-up and costume not nearly wicked or ugly enough.

Panto is comedy to uplift us, so next time please, more of the happy, shining finale.

* Showing at the Shaw Theatre in Euston Road, NW1, until Monday, January 3.