Swathe of new cycle routes planned across Islington

A map of some proposed new cycle routes through Islington

A map of some proposed new cycle routes through Islington - Credit: Archant

Plans for up to 12 biking lanes to be discussed at town hall meeting on Thursday

Proposed cycling quietways though Islington

Proposed cycling quietways though Islington - Credit: Archant

An entire network of streamlined cycleways is set to snake right through Islington in the next couple of years.

Plans for twelve routes, predominantly in the south of the borough, specifically designed with bikers in mind will be unveiled at a meeting of Islington Council’s Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee on Thursday.

Other bold measures to be discussed include removing buses from Station Place, in Finsbury Park, to create a space for public events and rejuvenating Archway Mall.

The routes all form part of Transport for London (TFL)’s Central London Cycling Grid (CLCG) and also Cycling Quietways programmes, four of which have been agreed while the other eight are still undergoing feasibility and development studies.

John Ackers, from Islington Cyclists Action Group, said: “The scheme wee are really keen on is the Clerkenwell Road one. The town hall is spiritually committed to that and has done a fantastic job.

“Some of the other plans aren’t that different to what was being proposed ten years ago, and we have been pushing the council hard to separate bike and other traffic properly.

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“You won’t get people taking their kids along these routes while there are cars rushing past.

“But the focus on cycling is fantastic - this is the real deal.”

The plans for Finsbury Park and Archway Mall are part of the Future Streets Incubator Fund, designed to provide cash for small-scale submissions from local boroughs and community groups.

Meanwhile cash from the Crossrail project will be used to improve CCTV, lighting, Taxi provisions, trees, seatgin adn more around Farrindgon station and St John Street.

For more information on the various cycling and Crossrail schemes is available here.