Taxi chief: Islington would be ‘really, really busy’ during Euston Road closure

Euston Road links Pentonville Road at its east side, with possible consequences for Islington

Euston Road links Pentonville Road at its east side, with possible consequences for Islington - Credit: Archant

Motorists have been told to prepare for six years of “carnage” - because of a planned road closure outside the borough.

Under Transport for London (TfL) plans, Euston Road would be partially closed between 2020 and 2026 for governmeent work on a new HS2 station.

One of London’s main highways, Euston Road links Pentonville Road between King’s Cross and Angel Stations.

As part of the HS2 work, it would lose one lane in either direction. The road currently has three lanes travelling each way.

And Peter Boucher, commercial manager of minicab firm Addison Lee, has predicted Islington’s roads would bear the brunt of the closures.

He said: “It’s going to be carnage. It will just shunt traffic elsewhere. People will be trying to go around Euston Road left, right and centre means which means it will start clogging up Islington.

“Those people that need to get around quickly will not sit around waiting in traffic. They will go around the back routes

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and Islington’s going to be really, really busy.”

Mr Boucher, who pointed out that World War II also lasted for six years, added: “We understand the importance of improving infrastructure but this needs to be balanced with the needs of Londoners going about their business.

“We would ask TfL to look again and see if it is possible to reduce the amount of disruption planned.”

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington Council’s executive member for environment and transport, said: “Islington hasn’t yet been consulted about this so we are not clear on the details.

“But for such a major road to be partially closed would obviously have a significant impact on all of London’s roads - not just Islington’s.”

Camden Council, the authority in which Euston Road lies, has launched a petition against the proposals.

TfL had not responded to a comment request by the Gazette.