Tempted to become an escort

I want to be a model. But I’m only 5ft 5ins tall. The other problem is that I don’t have big boobs. I’m 34A.

I’ve done a drama degree, I’m pretty, I went to public school, but to be fair I’m not a great actress. So, I moved to London, got an agent who said he could open doors for me, and I’ve now run out of my parents’ funding.

I’ve attended so many castings that it’s a joke. I could have a breast enhancement and make it in the glamour market. I’m against that. I don’t have the cash and I don’t like the “blow-up doll” look.

What my agent has said though, is that he’s getting overwhelmed with inquiries about me from escort agencies. They like my look, and they love my posh and academic background. I could earn �4k a week, at least, just by hanging off someone’s arm.

Sex would be an item to be negotiated, but isn’t in the deal. My agent said I could, if I wanted to go down that route, get �2k per night minimum for sex as an extra payment.

I don’t know if I want to do that, but I’m broke. I’m thinking of the escort/no sex route. Is that reasonable?

Barbara says: If that’s a viable route, and you feel you can take it, fine, However, in my experience, the sex issue is really big in the escort world. Can you cut it? Do you really need to do this?