Ten men and ten months to fix Finsbury Park family’s door

A COUPLE and their newborn baby are being left to freeze in their living room – after their pleas to have a broken balcony door replaced have gone unanswered for nine months.

Ten inspectors have visited their council flat in Haden Court, Lennox Road, Finsbury Park, and they have all agreed that the door – which lets a bitter draft into the front room – is so badly warped that it needs to be replaced.

They first reported the problem to Homes for Islington in January when mother Leanne Moore, 23, was only three months pregnant. Baby Keiran is now 11 weeks old – and the family is still waiting for a new door

Father Phillip Luker, 27, said: “How many people does it take to fix a door? They could have replaced it by now with the time and cost of sending all those people to look at it. We’ve had about 10 people so far say it needs replacing.

“It’s very frustrating. You’re banging your head against a brick wall. We had to take our baby to hospital with a cold yesterday – it’s one thing after another.”

Some work was done to try to fix the door in the summer but Mr Luker says it was completely ineffective. “It took three months and even when they did come they did a really poor job,” he said.

The most recent inspector again said a new door was required – but that HFI would be unlikely to pay for it.

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Mr Luker, a betting shop manager, added: “It’s freezing. The door blows itself open and the only heating source we have is a radiator in a corner. Heating costs are just going through the roof. We have to have it on full all the time – and you still have to bring a blanket in. Raising a new baby is expensive enough as it is.”

An HFI spokesman said: “The initial issue with Mr Luker’s door from January was responded to and repaired in March. We’re currently working with Kier to resolve a new issue which was brought to our attention in early September.”