Highbury Corner contractors laid wrong paving and will have to do it again, TfL admits

An artist's impression of the finalised plans to overhaul Highbury Corner. Picture: TfL

An artist's impression of the finalised plans to overhaul Highbury Corner. Picture: TfL - Credit: Archant

TfL’s “shambolic” management of work at Highbury Corner has come under fire after bosses admitted contractors had made a mistake and the area would need to be paved again – after three years of roadworks.

A second project to part-pedestrianise the notorious junction and rip out the gyratory began last month and will run into next year.

But some people think the repaving work outside the station contradicts TfL’s claim that the Highbury bridge work that began in 2015 was ever actually completed.

Kate Pothalingam, who ran as a Lib Dem candidate in Highbury East this year, said: “Pedestrians suffer and seem to be viewed as a low priority.

“TfL’s own press release claims that the bridgeworks were successfully completed – yet clearly this is not the case.”

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She added: “What chaos will we face when Arsenal’s first home game takes place on August 12?

“Is this unimaginative, low quality and poorly executed project a taste of what is to come at Highbury Corner?”

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Tim Sayer MBE, who has lived in Battledean Road for 36 years, said: “I have never seen such a shambolic operation.

“There has been more disruption to pedestrians, cyclists and local businesses have suffered because people have struggled to get in there.

“It has been completely chaotic.”

He said it was the third time the area outside the station had been repaved, and questioned why it wasn’t done properly the first few times.

In response to these claims, Nick Fairholme, director of project and programme delivery at TfL, said: “This has been a very complex civil engineering project that has successfully replaced a 100-year-old bridge.”

He added: “There are some minor issues with the paving outside the station

“We have agreed a way forward with our contractor and works to rectify the area will begin this week as part of the new scheme under way to transform Highbury Corner roundabout and improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and all other road users. This will minimise any disruption to the public.”

A TfL spokesperson stressed it will work closely with Arsenal FC to minimise disruption on match days.

The cost of repaving will be covered by the contractor rather than TfL.

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