Theatre Review: Feathers

Eliza Power’s debut play FEATHERS wooed audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and shares some similarities with a Mike Leigh film. But is the stage set for success in Camden?

FEATHERS comes to London off the back of a successful run wooing a notoriously hard to please audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Eliza Power’s debut play is searing family drama which focuses on a couple struggling to retain the romance in their relationship while reluctantly playing host to a mentally disturbed sister and her new lover along with their wayward best friend.

The tumultuous existence of these autonomous yet interconnected atoms rebound around what is an intuitively three dimensional set. The success of this play is in part testament to the clever use of minimalistic props and the cast’s skilful dexterity in navigating the stage.

Feathers shares some similarities with a Mike Leigh film, relying heavily on character performances and less on plot. But the production as a whole benefits from this.

The impressive cast deliver a refreshingly honest, emotive and at times mysterious play - with Zephryn Taitte delivering a splendidly candid performance as Nathan, the innocent but irrefutably adorable musician boyfriend whose presence provides more than just a plot device.

Ultimately Feathers thrillingly captures the dark twisted impact of how one’s tormented past can infiltrate the present. Leaving the audience to contemplate one question – can we ever truly escape from those memories we would prefer to forget?