Theatre Review: Frisky and Mannish at the Arts Depot

Pop comedians get their claws into the stars in this glittering but irreverent show

Pop is given a battering with Laura Cocoran and Matthew Jones’ alter-egos’ irreverent take on the 21st Century music scene.

And nobody escapes the clutches of pop bitches Frisky and Mannish - even the faultless Adele is given the once over in their new show set in a job centre.

I first saw this talented duo in a tiny cabaret room in Soho two years ago and they blew me away with their energetic routines, facial expressions, spot-on vocal ranges and costume changes.

But now with a show in a much larger theatre hall - which sadly failed to fill all the seats - and some nail-bitingly awkward audience participation, they are in danger of becoming a victim of their own success.

Instead of mocking a series of chart-toppers, their current show was more like a meet and greet where they force the audience up onto their feet to find out what kind of popstar each of us would be.

Who knows why they decided to change a formula that has seemed to work so well in the past, but I found myself cringing every time we were asked to do the Macarena.

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But there were still plenty of laughs to be found in their own performances.

Madonna’s 11 reinventions from Dick Tracy vamp through to a geriatric yoga teacher is a brilliant send-up of a singer who just doesn’t know when to let go. Katy Perry’s lyrics are ridiculed, Jessie J’s irritatingly kooky style comes under the firing line and the Carpenters are given a grime makeover.

And just like that Frisky and Mannish are back to their bitching best.

* Frisky and Mannish: Pop Centre Plus appeared at the Arts Depot, in Tally Ho Corner, N12, on Thursday, October 13.