Theatre Review: Havana Rakatan at the Peacock Theatre

Sultry rhythms and sexy beats tell a story of Cuba’s dense cultural history

Havana Rakatan is one of the rare performances with the power to inspire even the most skeptical person in the audience.

It is two hours of spectacular beauty, breathtaking movement and fascinating cultural enlightenment that is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet when the curtain falls.

This Latin American dance show is put together entirely by the talented cast from Cuba. It is an authentic representation of the sultry rhythms, sexy beats and alluring shimmies known to Cuban culture.

The music is reminiscent of the Buena Vista Social Club and is brought to life by a band that sits in the background of the action - but not unnoticed - throughout the entire show.

The dresses are to die for – the most striking colors, worn by every dancer in her own individual way, are coupled with sexy cuts sure to grab every man’s attention.

The ladies get an eyeful too with the men daring to wear bold shades – and their gorgeous natural hues on occasion too!

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There is no doubt that Havana Rakatan is the sexiest show around town, but there is more to it than that.

Each dance takes the audience through an era of Cuba’s dense cultural history. The choreography tells the country’s captivating story from the first interactions between colonial Spain and tribal Africa to the modern day Cuba we are all familiar with and, thanks to the show, would love to visit today.

Put simply, the only way Havana Rakatan could be any better is if you saw it in Havana.

* Havana Rakatan is showing at the Peacock Theatre, in Portugal Street, WC2, until Sunday, October 9.