Theatre Review: Rock Around the Clocktower at the Music Palace

As the more fashion conscious amongst you will know, 50s style is back with a bang on the catwalks and the high street will be swamped with brothel creepers and Cadillac prints come next year.

A fitting time, then, for the Crouch End Players to host Rock Around the Clocktower - a tribute to that golden era of rock n roll.

Walking into the theatre was like being blown back to a dance hall from six decades ago. The compere was on the stage using a retro ribbon microphone and the room was awash with full skirts, pin up hair and teddy boys.

The punters had got into the sprit of things and it was unclear where the cast stopped and the audience began.

A very impressive live band struck up in the corner and a mock journalist ran around flashing away with an old-fashioned camera, all of which added to the 50s vibe.

The story itself wasn’t particularly clear, but seemed to be a talent competition in which all the girls fought for the attention of the lead. Classic songs such as Why Do Fools Fall in Love and How Much is That Doggy in the Window (a personal favourite featuring an incredibly realistic woof from one singer) blasted out as the females vied for his affection.

The narrative wasn’t arrow straight, but the main point of this throwback show was keeping the 50s spirit alive, which was done with aplomb through music, dancing and fantastic costumes. A nostalgic look into the past for some or an immensely fun peep into the future for others.

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* Rock Around the Clocktower was staged at the Music Palace, in Tottenham Lane, N8, on September 30 and October 1. The Crouch End Players are set to perform Sleeping Beauty at the end of January.