Theatre Review: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

The male psyche in all its mystery is unpicked in SEX, DRUGS, ROCK & ROLL. Is that a sobering thought? Find out at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, one of Islington’s cosiest pub theatres.

How do you make bacon? A combination of robots and humans in a plant in Idaho!

For this and other fascinating insights into the Western male circa 1990, take a trip to this pocket-sized theatre deep in the Islington backwoods for this Tower Theatre Company production.

The cast of three - led by the star of shock jock film Talk Radio and award-winning actor Eric Bogosian - take us through 11 monologues.

Characters range from a philanthropic yet woefully ignorant rock star who travels to Brazil escorted by a houseboy: “I say he was a boy but he was about 50”, to a Wall Street trader who puts his wife on hold whilst chatting up his artist mistress, to a young guy recounting a drug fuelled stag night where he pukes into “those little McDonald’s bushes”, and a misanthropic, impoverished artist who really aspires to be rich and famous.

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Running the gamut of the social scale, the actors give voice to blokes suffering from Generation X-cess. Poor darlings!

And twenty years on with celeb culture routed in the collective psyche things can only get worse. Not necessarily a sobering thought as once the actors take their bows, you can get lashed in the cosy pub downstairs.

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* Showing at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, in Shepperton Road, N1, until Sunday, February 27.

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