Theatre Review: Sugar Beast Circus’s {Event(Dimension):} at Jacksons Lane

Stylised avant garde circus troupe draw inspiration from dark matter and black holes

Sugar Beast are not your average circus troupe. These former Roundhouse artists-in-residence are a more avant garde outfit and a far cry from the cabaret-style circus that is currently so popular.

They concentrate on abstract narratives and the concept behind {Event(Dimension):} is dark matter. Brian Cox this isn’t - but the themes are familiar enough with allusions to the large hadron collider and acrobatic interpretations of black holes under mountains.

It is a highly entertaining show, with impressive rope acts and wheel work that is a joy to watch. It is well choreographed throughout and features some truly mesmerising projections to boot.

A key aspect to the show is that it is split into two. The audience is halved so you watch the same show to the same soundtrack at different times.

You are invited to swap your section of the theatre half way though - but with no clear point to this gimmick, it fell a bit flat. It could have been a nice trick if the two halves had at least entwined with each other in any meaningful or clever way, but they didn’t.

That said, it was an enjoyable, highly stylised performance and the talent of the performers shone through.

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* Sugar Beast Circus performed {Event(Dimension):} at Jacksons Lane in Archway Road, N6, from Friday January 27 to Sunday January 29.