Theatre Review: The Fat Girl Gets A Haircut And Other Stories

Teenagers show off their theatrical talent on the Roundhouse’s amazing stage in THE FAT GIRL GETS A HAIRCUT AND OTHER STORIES.

EXPERIMENTAL theatre through the eyes of adolescents and under the direction of artist Mark Storer hits the globular stage of the Roundhouse in this live art piece dissecting the inner psyches of a group of local teenagers.

Whilst my sympathy is limited as acne and angst sum up the teenage years for most people outside the cast of Clueless, this is a welcome perspective from the yoof of today.

The company perform a dozen or so vignettes; my favourite were the girl with a crush on James Franco, and a groovy dancing pig, the result of a Muslim boy’s admission that he enjoyed bacon sandwiches.

Each sketch is set to beautifully composed music, and accompanied by intricate design pieces and dazzling animation which showcase the stunning venue.

Although some pieces are overlong and need to be less pretentious - at one point the cast squirt reams of Heinz ketchup over a canvas and a long suffering boy in the middle of it – there is plenty to feast your eyes and ears on.

Talented teenagers rule. And they get to perform on the amazing Roundhouse stage. It’s not fair!

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* Showing at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm Road, NW1, until Saturday, May 7.